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in our service–ios [eye-ohss]: a blog site promoting and celebrating our mutual call to action–our shared moral imperative of service to one another.

ios began as an idea. An idea about how to save ourselves from ourselves through ourselves.

We have lost our way–or rather, we have been led astray–from a better path towards fulfilling both our own and our shared potentials. The core social, economic, and philosophical values we have learned to follow in American society have sent us on a fool’s errand, chasing hollow goals we need never reach, in pursuit of empty rewards we truly do not need. We have been placed inside an arbitrary zero-sum game where unnecessary competition is manufactured in order to artificially motivate our individual performance. The necessary outcomes of this futile enterprise have been catastrophic to our economy, our culture, and our society. We have been wrongly set at odds against each other, instead of learning the better ways of cooperation and collaboration.

The opportunity to change is upon us.

ios seeks to reset our collective moral compass heading to a better, more fulfilling and effective direction based on a primary and essential human quality: we are all in service to one another. Starting with that one central tenet of truth–being in service–and building a practical, actionable, morally-grounded philosophy upon which we can erect a robust and fulfilling social and economic structure is the mission of ios.

We are, each of us, in service to one another. It is therefore incumbent upon each of us to ensure that those we serve also subscribe to this essential contract; for those who do not embrace our shared contract of service are a dragging anchor tied to the hull of humanity–parasites feeding off the honest actions of others for their own personal gain. It is time to call those to account who continue to take advantage of our innate drive to serve. Time to balance the scales and settle accounts.

The time for us to become who we can become has finally come.

To be of service is to live a moral life. The only truly moral life is a life of service.

At Your Service,
~Brian Scott Archibald 

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