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“The only truly moral life is a life of service.”
~Brian Scott Archibald

March 18, 2015

The Rule of Service is a binding moral contract we all share that has but one dogmatic assertion—one self-evident truth we cannot defy, dismiss, devalue, demean, or discard: We are all in service to one another.  

The Rule of Service is an inherently human call to action. More than the classic “Golden Rule,” the Rule of Service engages our innate drive to actively support one another, not to simply treat each other well or kindly or civilly or nicely. The Rule of Service demands that we act intentionally in order to generate better outcomes for each other, and, by extension, ourselves.

Our essential moral grounding arises from the Rule of Service. Morality isn’t some magical power that somehow imbues us with “The Good.” Morality isn’t some mysterious, ineffable force within us that we can only blindly follow, but never comprehend. Morality is a knowable, tangible, mensurate quality of human existence that we can all understand and that we all share.

Morality is an intentional practice that arises from our actions in relation to one another. We can only be moral in relation to another living being. That special relationship between and among us emerges through our acts of service to one another. Morality is the active relationship we share with one another through mutual service.

The only truly moral life is a life of service.

~Brian Scott Archibald
Excerpts from In Our Service: Moral Action in an Ends-based Society

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